Transform your AI anxiety into AI confidence with

'The AI DIY Club' 

A fun interactive way to experiment with and learn about ChatGPT to elevate your marketing strategies

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by AI? 

But know it’s reshaping the marketing landscape - and you’re keen to keep on top of it?

Perhaps you’ve been playing around with ChatGPT (and similar AI tools) for a little while now, but -


You *know* you’re wasting too much time trying to figure it all out yourself.

What are the best prompts for this? How do I improve on this output? OMG - am I even doing this right?


You *know* your messaging is missing the mark with your ideal target market.

I’m creating all this amazing consistent content, so why aren’t I seeing more engagement and conversions?


You *know* you’re missing opportunities to effectively use AI for your business.

I wanna use AI to help me with business planning. Oh, and my marketing strategies. And definitely, definitely for content writing. But how and where do I even start?

You could be stuck on a few other things as well. 

BUT - you don’t want to attend any more webinars. 

And you don’t want to sign up for any more courses that you lose enthusiasm for almost instantly. (Or maybe, like me, you never end up touching them at all…)

You want to actually do the thing. Implement stuff. 

And have someone by your side to ask a million questions - without judgement. Without feeling stupid. 

Oh, and not spend a buttload of money in the process.

Does all that sound like you?

OMG, Leanne. Yes. Can you read my mind??

Well, guess what? My AI DIY Club is exactly what you’re looking for! 

This is ‘your bridge to mastering AI with confidence and creativity.’

(Thanks for that cool phrase, ChatGPT!)



The AI DIY Club  

Say goodbye to tech overwhelm!

The AI DIY Club is more than just learning about AI.

Here are just some of the key benefits:

The opportunity to set aside time to explore and experiment with AI for your business - in a safe and supportive space

I've heard The AI DIY Club is very unique in this way. It's a lot more interactive than other AI training programs out there - and doesn't involve just sitting, listening, and attempting to absorb bucket-loads of information.

While there's training involved (because we're all here to learn!), I keep the lessons short and follow them up with 2-3 x 25-minute Pomodoro sessions. This gives you dedicated time to apply new learnings about prompts and tools to your business. Then ask me questions afterwards.

Flexible, non-compulsory attendance

You won't get in trouble for not showing up, I promise! But like a gym membership, the more effort you put in, the better the results.

Just remember - you can't afford to dig your head in the sand and be left behind, while all your competitors are embracing AI tools to improve business efficiency. 

The AI DIY Club aims to help you keep on top of AI developments and increase your understanding of 'proper' human-centric usage. Even if you can only tune in live once or twice a month or only watch replays in the Club Hub, you'll still get WAY more value than your small investment of only $67+GST per month.

A holistic approach to producing quality AI-generated conten

The Club is not about sharing long lists of prompts.

As an international AI trainer, experienced 'human' SEO copywriter, and content marketer, I KNOW what quality content looks like. And I know how to fix crappy AI copy. 

I'll constantly share my expertise to help you train ChatGPT and other AI tools to really understand your business, audience, and the desired outcome - so you feel confident to share AI content with the world.

It's FUN!

If you've been to my training sessions before - or even just met me - you'd be familiar with my bubbly nature and sense of humour. I make (lame) jokes and together we all laugh at the stupid things AI does.

Since it's launch, I've created a fun, supportive environment for you to learn about the unknown, scary world of AI - without the stress. 

In The AI DIY Club, we tackle everything bit by bit.

AND I bring along my SEO copywriting and content marketing background to the party - so you can get guidance from someone who really understands this space.

(Find out more about me below)

The awesome part is, it’s only $67+GST per month. Is this the club you’ve been looking for?

Who is 

Leanne Shelton?

...And why is she the best ChatGPT Guide for me?

As featured in...


With over 15 years of writing and editorial experience, I started Write Time Marketing as a freelance copywriter in 2014. The business has since developed into an SEO copywriting agency that predominantly focuses on website copy, article writing, email marketing, and book coaching/editing.

In early 2023, I embraced my biggest competitor and became a ChatGPT trainer – running webinars, workshops, one-on-one sessions, and in-house organisational training for teams. The move has seen me receive PR recognition from The Australian, 6PR Perth Radio, and ABC News as well as become an Ausmumpreneur Finalist for the ‘Business Pivot’ and ‘Creative Entrepreneur’ categories.

As the result of my quick-thinking business pivot, I’m now a sought-after keynote speaker, regular contributor for LinkedIn Australia’s Tech Newsletter, and the ‘AI Expert’ in Kate Toon’s Digital Marketing Collective membership.

In addition to it all, I’m the founder of the Marketing and Me Meet Up group and host of ‘The AI Train’ podcast.

On a personal note, I’m a lover of dance, a newly converted running enthusiast, occasional yogi and meditator, engrossed reader of business books and psychological thrillers, and a dedicated wife and mother of two daughters.


Lovely to meet you!

Feel free to connect with me via socials if we haven’t already. 

How does

The AI DIY Club work?

As a Club VIP, you have unlimited and exclusive access to weekly Zoom AI DIY sessions.

And the more often you show up, the more value you get.

I get that life and business can get crazy - so this isn’t always possible. Everything is recorded and uploaded to the Club Hub anyway. You can then watch it in your own time. 

We have two different types of sessions each week:

  • AI Playtime - Wednesdays 12pm-2pm AEST (2 hours)*
  • AI Q&A - Alternating Wednesdays 7pm-8pm AEST (1 hour) and Fridays 2pm-3pm AEST*

You'll be sent calendar invites at the start of each month - and sent email reminders an hour before each session.

*Days subject to change. More dates to be added later


What happens in The AI DIY Club?

AI Playtime

Too old for playtime? Never! This is a pressure-free zone to deep dive into ChatGPT (and other AI tools) and implement some core projects for your business.

AI Playtime is our weekly 2-hour interactive online session, incorporating the Pomodoro Method.

At the beginning, I introduce the day’s theme and suggest suitable prompts and strategies for roughly 10-15 minutes. 

We then break away into two groups - Beginner and Advanced - for 3 x 25 minute blocks for working on the activity.

  • Beginner - You stay with me in the main Zoom room until you’ve got a proper grasp of the task. You can then mute yourself (and us!) when ready to explore on your own.
  • Advanced - I flick you over to another Zoom room with others who already ‘get it’. You’ll return to the main room after every 25 minute block.

At the end of each block, we’ll have 10 minutes to discuss progress and ask and answer questions.

Occasionally, we might use the 25 minute time slot for group discussion and to workshop ideas as well. Depends on the topic and month!


Got lots of questions about ChatGPT and AI in general? I hear ya! (Yep, I also have questions from time to time… remember it’s an ever-evolving landscape.)

AI Q&A is our weekly 1 hour session to work through any doubts and learn from others' enquiries.

I recommend submitting your questions at least 24 hours in advance via email here, especially if it’s a curly one that might require some research.

However, feel free to just show up on the day and ask away!

If I don’t know the answer, then I’ll tell you. AI is always evolving after all!

I then come back to you with my findings at the following week’s Q&A session. (Which will be recorded if you’re unable to make it live.)

Who is The AI DIY Club suitable for?

Based on my SEO copywriting and content marketing background, there will be a strong marketing flavour to our topics. (With other stuff thrown in occasionally!)

The AI DIY Club is perfect for ...

  • Service and product-based micro/small business owners
  • Marketing professionals
  • Content creators
  • Business consultants and coaches
  • Anyone considering or in the early stages of a startup business

Beginner or more advanced? Everyone is welcome!

You can be an absolute beginner or feel you’ve started to get an okay grasp of AI. Or maybe you know a fair bit, but always keen to learn more.

Yes, there's a bit more hand-holding for the newbies. So you won’t be thrown into the deep end to play around with prompts and projects before you’re ready.

But if you *do* feel comfortable with the session’s activity, you’ll be sent off to your own breakout room with the other, more advanced, players to get stuff done.

So what do ya think?

Keen to give this a shot for the tiny investment of $67+GST each month?

What type of themes will we cover?

To keep us all focused, we have a set theme each month, such as email marketing, website development, or award writing.

That way, you can set yourself a target to complete a particular project - rather than jumping around all the shiny opportunities AI presents…and completing nothing.

(As a neurospicy woman, I know exactly what it’s like to experience shiny object syndrome and not finish projects myself…)

However, if a particular month’s theme doesn’t suit or interest you, no worries.

I put aside 1 x ‘Open’ AI Playtime session’ each month for you to ask about and work on projects outside the set theme.

OR you can book a personalised one-on-one hour with me instead for an extra fee. (See more info below about additional options)


With a set theme each month it will be easy to stay on track and get things done.


This month, I'll guide you through the process of writing winning award entries and grant applications with AI that showcase the strengths and unique aspects of your business. Learn how to highlight your achievements, articulate your goals, and structure your submissions to meet judges’ and grantors' criteria and capture their attention.

august - webinars 

This month, I'll guide you through creating engaging and effective webinar scripts and visuals with AI. Learn how to craft compelling content that captivates your audience, and design visuals that enhance your message. In addition, discover strategies for marketing your webinars via social media and email campaigns to maximise attendance and impact.


september - business systems and processes

This month, I'll help you optimise your business systems and processes using AI. Learn how to automate repetitive tasks, enhance workflow efficiency, and integrate AI tools seamlessly into your daily operations. Discover best practices for maintaining consistency and improving productivity, ensuring your business runs smoothly and effectively.

*Subject to change. Replays of previous themes (Marketing strategy and social media) are available in the Club Hub.

What if I want more than just these sessions? 

Personalised One-on-One Training

Called ‘Achieve and Accelerate with AI’, these 3 hour sessions are recommended if you’re a beginner who’s struggling to get a good grasp of how AI can enhance your business strategy and content marketing.

During the session, we’ll:

  • Train ChatGPT on your audience and business background
  • Help you find your exact unique brand tone/voice
  • Work on a specific project you're keen to get off your to-do list
  • Discuss any general content marketing or copywriting support required

I'll flick over a short form beforehand to get a clear understanding of your AI knowledge level and how I can help your business thrive with artificial intelligence. You'll then be sent a personalised Prompt eGuide to use during and after the session. 

Our conversation will be recorded and a link will be sent to you afterwards.

Only $997+GST. Spots are very limited each month, so jump in quickly!

Organisational and Team Training

Are you:

Keen to ensure your whole team is using ChatGPT (and similar AI) effectively and efficiently - via *consistent* messaging?

Finding some staff are using it - while others are freaking out?

Looking for engaging training that involves getting stuff done during the session - rather than finding the time afterwards?

Well, here's your opportunity to get everyone on the same page…

ChatGPT Bootcamp for Business’ offers an interactive, informative, and enjoyable session featuring both training and implementation by your team.

It includes:

  • A virtual workbook (with prompts to copy and paste)
  • Preparation of materials to suit your organisation's requirements
  • Training and implementation time

There are various options available - from 1 hour to full day packages.

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional course Leanne delivered to the Xiaomi Marketing team in October 2023. Her presentation was not just informative but truly inspiring, and her interactive delivery style captivated everyone in the audience. Leanne's engaging approach, coupled with the way she encouraged active participation, made the learning experience not only informative but also enjoyable. The delegates are super excited after the course.

Linda Hu - Xiaomi

Success Stories

(Why should I work with Leanne anyway...?)

Jenelle Larven - Red Wine Stories

Lori Shea - Cultural Food Tours

Emily Boyd - Illoominate



I had the pleasure of working one-on-one with Leanne on my ChatGPT roadmap. I cannot express enough how valuable and enjoyable the experience was. Leanne's expertise, enthusiasm, and bubbly nature truly made the workshop exceptional.

Leanne has a deep understanding of copywriting and a passion for helping others succeed. And is now taking on new AI technology to advance not only her own copywriting abilities but those of her clients. She helped guide me through the intricacies of perfecting my tone of voice and getting the best responses from ChatGPT. Now, with 'Chatty' on my side, I feel motivated, empowered and equipped with confidence to write and improve my message.

Thank you, Leanne, for an outstanding experience that has truly made a difference on my business journey.

Elise Maunder - Elise Lola Design



I've been to 2 training sessions with Leanne about using ChatGPT for content marketing recently and I learned so much from her! The way she explained it made it so easy to understand.

It's so refreshing to meet someone who is leaning into new tech when almost everyone else is bemoaning the end of the world.

Thank you Leanne!

Rah Gardiner - Rah Gardiner Digital Marketing



Amazing ChatGPT webinar by Write Time Marketing - Leanne :)

So informative and interactive at the same time. Thank you for your time for sharing this session with us. Looking forward to attending many more in future.

Kamal Dave Kothari - Smartfin Advisors



Thanks for the webinar on ChatGPT, your knowledge, passion and practical examples have been very valuable in empowering me to be a better communicator to my target audience with the right tone and structure. Spot on, it was just what I needed!! Thank you.

Robyn Alexandrov - Vivid You



I just attended a webinar run by Leanne on ChatGPT. She was very thorough and provided some excellent tips and examples - including some great freebies at the end. I've met Leanne a few times and spoken to her at a few events. She's extremely knowledgeable in her field and I would have no hesitations using her services or recommending her to others.

Rebecca Tucker - Hardman Communications

Find more by Googling ‘Write Time Marketing’ and checking out the 5 star reviews.

Ready to transform your business with AI?

Still feeling uncertain?

Here’s my promise to you. I will do my best to ensure you receive a positive experience as a Club VIP member of The AI DIY Club. (Should I squeeze any more acronyms in there…?)

There are no locked-in contracts - so you have the freedom to explore AI at your pace. This is a club, not a membership. If it’s not the right fit for you, you can cancel anytime via email with 30 days’ notice.

And if you *do* happen to freak out after the initial sign up, there’s a 7 day cooling off period. So you can cancel after your first week, no stress.

I personally recommend attending as many sessions as possible to get the full impact. Having said that, even if you can only attend one live session and/or watch a recording, you’ll still walk away with way more value than your $67+GST investment each month.

But this low price will increase every time the doors I recommend jumping onto it ASAP!

Frequently asked questions

Is The AI DIY Club suitable for both beginners and advanced?

Yes! Tailored for all levels, I’ll ensure beginners feel as empowered as seasoned users.

Can I request specific topics for the sessions?

No. There will be set themes for each month. However, there will be one ‘Open’ ChatGPT Playtime session each month where any topic goes! Or you can book a personalised one-on-one session with me for an additional fee.

What if I can’t attend every session?

No problem. All sessions are recorded and uploaded to the platform for you to access at any time.

Will these sessions help with my specific industry?

Yes. The sessions will cover a broad range of prompts and strategies suitable for various industries. I’ll aim to provide different use cases to ensure relevance and inclusion.

Is there a community aspect to the AI DIY Sessions?

Conversations and workshopping is encouraged across both ChatGPT Playtime and Q&A sessions. But there are no extra Facebook groups that you must join. #phew

Do I need to register for every session I plan to attend?

Nope! Just turn up. You’ll receive the Zoom link in the weekly reminders.

So you’ve made it to the end of the page. 

What are you thinking? Keen to give this a crack?

Here’s your opportunity to embrace AI as your business buddy. Tap into the possibilities. And join a club where all the other cool kids are hanging out.

Only $67+GST each month.

(Pay monthly or save $$$ by paying for 6 months upfront)

With exclusive and unlimited access to 12 hours of interactive live Zoom sessions in that month.

Plus recordings for anything you miss.

And opportunities to upgrade for extra support.

Spots are limited every intake.

Got more questions?

If you need more deets, feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn or email.

Let's embark on this exciting AI Journey together.


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