ChatGPT Training 

for business content creation and marketing  

Learn how to use ChatGPT effectively - 

Save time, but ensure quality

As an experienced SEO copywriter and content marketing trainer,

I know the value of great copy.


Whether crafting a blog post, social media update, or an email marketing campaign, the right words can make a massive difference.

And in recent months, I’ve delved into the world of AI and ChatGPT. (Yes, it was a ‘beat ‘em’ or ‘join ‘em’ situation…)

But I also realised that I have so much insight into the content marketing world - which can be applied to ChatGPT. For all those people, like you, who are having a real good crack at business content thanks to ChatGPT’s support.

You just need a little guidance.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of (and played around with) ChatGPT.

I'm guessing you’ve either:

  • Given it a shot and fallen in love...but don't know the best way to use AI


Feel completely freaked out by it...and don't know how to even begin using it

Am I warm?

Ultimately, ChatGPT probably caught your eye because of its time-saving nature for writing content for your business. It's like your little AI-powered writing assistant (and business coach!)

Having said that - you’re probably experiencing the following issues:


You feel uncertain about the best ChatGPT writing prompts to insert.


Writing isn't your thing - so you’re going in blind. You have no idea how a quality piece of content should be structured.


You don’t know how to craft content that actually sounds like you or your business’ brand.


You don’t know how to ‘massage the message’ to ensure the content really speaks to your ideal client.

Book a One-on-One ChatGPT Content Roadmap

Keen to have a personalised one hour chat with me - so you can pull together an effective (and high converting) ChatGPT Content Roadmap?


During the session, we will:

  • Review any existing ChatGPT content you’ve created and look for ways to improve it.
  • Find your exact unique brand tone/voice.
  • Develop a content plan for the next month, including blog articles.
  • Craft 10 writing prompts for your next batch of content.
  • Answer any ChatGPT questions you may have.

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Learn the basics about writing prompts and follow up prompts to get the most out of your ChatGPT experience.

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Hmm, looks like you need a Human Copywriter’s assistance to successfully navigate ChatGPT!

That's where I come in.

I'm here with the AI maze map - ready to guide you through it all via a range of easy-to-understand (and fun!) training and support options.


With its advanced natural language processing capabilities, ChatGPT can help generate ideas, refine writing, and even suggest new directions for your content.

The possibilities are endless!

So I'm putting together a series of online trainings - including webinars and short courses - to help you out in different areas.

Join me online to understand ways to use ChatGPT to improve your sales and conversions.


Nothing beats a face to face human interaction even when we are talking about AI. You'll learn...

  • The basics of how ChatGPT works
  • Strategies for using ChatGPT to generate new ideas
  • Writing prompts for ChatGPT to churn out copy to match your voice and style (and how to edit it!)
  • Which aspects to watch out for - and times where human intervention is needed
  • Best practices for integrating ChatGPT into your existing workflow
  • How to use ChatGPT to build a strong content marketing strategy - and use it for other aspects of your business


Keen to have a personalised one hour chat with me - so you can pull together an effective (and high converting) ChatGPT Content Roadmap?


During the session, we will:

  • Review any existing ChatGPT content you’ve created and look for ways to improve it.
  • Find your exact unique brand tone/voice.
  • Develop a content plan for the next month, including blog articles.
  • Craft 10 writing prompts for your next batch of content.
  • Answer any ChatGPT questions you may have.

Who is ChatGPT Training for?


ChatGPT Training is for you if...

  • You’re looking for hands-on guidance from an expert SEO copywriter 

  • You’re keen to learn and play with ChatGPT during sessions

  • You want to find ways to create high-quality converting content - in half the time

  • You want to produce AI-generated content that *actually* sounds like you

  • You’re after an easy and quick way to absorb the most important AI information out there

  • You’d love insider tips and innovative approaches to ensure more effective writing prompts

  • You’re seeking practical examples of how to use ChatGPT

  • You want a massive boost of confidence when it comes to all this AI stuff. You got this!

Why should you learn how to use ChatGPT properly?

 save time and money 

Create a quality first draft within seconds that doesn't sound like a bot wrote it - and doesn't require a massive amount of editing to get your message across.

Ensure brand consistency

Learn ways to ensure all past human-generated and future bot-assisted content sounds just like you and your business brand.

Increase conversions

Discover how to speak directly to your target audience - so you can convert your browsers to customers.

ChatGPT Organisational In House Training

Enhance Your User Experience and Engagement

Following successful webinars, workshops, presentations, and one-on-one sessions, we're excited to launch ChatGPT Organisational Training!

Are you:

* Keen to ensure your whole team is using ChatGPT (and similar AI) effectively and efficiently - via *consistent* messaging?

* Finding that some staff are using it - while others are freaking out?

* Looking for engaging training that involves getting stuff done during the session - rather than finding the time afterwards?

Well, here's your opportunity to get everyone on the same page..

Simply complete this Expressions of Interest form and we’ll be in touch!

(P.S. Prices based on training within Sydney. If interstate travel is required, there will be an additional fee)

Upcoming ChatGPT Events

Masterclass - Become Unstoppable: Marketing Your Business with AI

Have you played around with ChatGPT - but feel the content is missing the mark?

Perhaps you’re struggling to make the AI content sound like you - and effectively speak to your audience?

Or maybe you’ve been searching for ways to use ChatGPT to improve your marketing strategies and processes - but have no idea where to begin?

Presented by expert marketers and ChatGPT educators, Marina Ritchie and Leanne Shelton, the masterclass provides marketing strategies to make your interaction with AI more efficient and productive.

Still not sure?

Here's some feedback from past ChatGPT training attendees...


I've been to 2 training sessions with Leanne about using ChatGPT for content marketing recently and I learned so much from her! The way she explained it made it so easy to understand. It's so refreshing to meet someone who is leaning into new tech when almost everyone else is bemoaning the end of the world. Thank you Leanne!

Rah Gardiner


I just attended a webinar run by Leanne on Chat GPT. She was very thorough and provided some excellent tips and examples - including some great freebies at the end. I've met Leanne a few times and spoken to her at a few events. She's extremely knowledgeable in her field and I would have no hesitations using her services or recommending her to others.

Rebecca Tucker


Amazing ChatGPT webinar by Write Time Marketing - Leanne :) So informative and interactive at the same time. Thank you for your time for sharing this session with us. Looking forward to attending many more in future.

Kamal Dave Kothari

Who is Leanne Shelton?


Based in Sydney’s Hills District, Leanne Shelton is a bubbly Human SEO Copywriter and ChatGPT Trainer.

With over 20 years’ writing experience, she founded Write Time Marketing in 2014 – and offers both SEO copywriting and content marketing training.Leanne is a sought-after speaker, Education Partner with Sydney Hills Business Chamber, and a podcast, Meet Up, and trivia host.

Find out more at Write Time Marketing.

Frequently asked questions

What is ChatGPT?

Chat GPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. It was developed by an AI research company, OpenAI, led by CEO Sam Altman.

ChatGPT is an advanced AI-powered tool that can help business owners with their content creation and communication needs. It uses a sophisticated language model to understand and generate human-like text based on the prompts you provide.

The content is sourced via Microsoft Bing - and ChatGPT3.5 is currently available for FREE. We’re all beta testers.

It's important to note that the model's responses mightn’t always reflect the most current or up-to-date information available. As an AI language model, ChatGPT doesn't have real-time access to the internet or the ability to browse and retrieve information beyond its training period which is around September 2021.

You can upgrade for US $20 per month for ChatGPT 4 - which has further capabilities.

Where and how do I access ChatGPT?

It’s very easy. While there are a few different ChatGPT platforms, the most well-known is OpenAi. You can access it for free via OpenAi here. (We’re all beta testers at the moment!)

Then set up a login or just use your Google or Facebook account.

Why do you need to understand your tone of voice and audience?

Well, it’s essential to get this clarity before delving into the world of ChatGPT. Especially if you want all your content to be consistent and authentic. You want the written version of you to sound like you (and your team) in real life.

Tone of voice

Your tone of voice represents the personality and character of your brand - and it's what sets you apart from your competitors. This is key to building brand recognition and creating a connection with your audience.

Before diving into ChatGPT-assisted content creation, take the time to define your brand's tone of voice.

Are you:

  • casual and friendly?
  • professional and authoritative, or
  • a combination of both?
  • Or something else altogether?

Knowing this information will help you guide ChatGPT towards generating content that aligns with your brand's persona and resonates with your target audience.

For example, you can use writing prompts like ‘In a casual and friendly tone, write xxxx’.


Equally important is understanding your audience. Who are they? What are their needs, pain points, and desires? And how do you provide solutions?

By having a deep understanding of your audience, you can tailor your content to address their specific interests and challenges. As a result, you can ensure ChatGPT spits out relevant, valuable, and engaging content.

And that results in higher conversion rates. You know, because they really feel heard and feel they can trust your advice since you ‘get them’.

To continue on the last writing prompt example, you could say ‘In a casual and friendly tone, write a 700 word article suitable to stressed new mums who have just given birth on how to adjust to life with a newborn.’

Why do you need a copywriter to successfully navigate ChatGPT?

There’s so much ChatGPT information out there - but a lot of it is being provided by ‘IT geeks’ rather than professionals who are paid to work with the written language everyday…copywriters!

We understand the psychology and structure behind quality content. We know what makes something SEO-friendly and engaging.

Yes, ChatGPT is my biggest competitor. But I’m embracing it as I know this is the future. As a lover of words her whole life, I’m here to help you create content that makes you and your passion stand out - rather than producing generic crap that no one wants to read.

Need extra guidance?

If you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed by all the possibilities of ChatGPT, I totally get it.

I’m here to help you out - whether it’s by creating a content strategy for you or ensuring the copy is hitting the mark via ChatGPT editing.

Simply book in a free 15 minute virtual tea with me to discuss the next steps from here.