The Blogging Bootcamp  

Improve confidence, consistency, and cashflow with your content marketing strategy!


The Blogging Bootcamp will-

  • Build your confidence to start business blogging
  • Teach you how to repurpose your content
  • Help you with planning your blogs and taking action

Struggling with your Blogging Strategy?

So you've heard that business blogging is important.

And that blogs and articles build your authority, know-like-trust factor and SEO.

And you know that having a strong online presence is key in this day and age.

So why aren't blogs a part of your marketing strategy?

I reckon I know why...

I'm guessing some or all of the following sound familiar...

  • I struggle to find the time to make it happen
  • I don't know how to structure a blog to ensure it's engaging and interesting
  • I don't feel I have anything valuable to write about
  • I get writers block every time I sit down to write
  • I get too confused by SEO and how to write effectively
  • I don't know if it's worth writing blogs - does anyone actually read them?
  • I already write blogs, but have trouble releasing them consistently

If we're on the same page here - pardon the pun - you're gonna love The Blogging Bootcamp!

Okay, what's

the blogging bootcamp?

That's a fantastic question.

Well, The Blogging Bootcamp is THE course for small business owners who wish to build the confidence to start business blogging, structure it effectively for SEO and engagement, and learn how to repurpose the content.

And it's all led by me, Chief Copy consultant and Trainer, Leanne Shelton.

Check out my video to find out more.

Why Do I need to Blog?

Once an online journal, business blogging is now a key marketing tool.

It actually provides you with a CORE piece of content for you to repurpose - and turn into a consistent content marketing strategy.

Here are some interesting stats:

  • Blogging leads to 55% more website visitors. (source Hubspot)
  • 58% of B2B marketers say blogs are the most valuable tool they use. (Source Demand Metric)
  • Investing your time and effort in blogging will increase your chance of making money from it by 13 times (Source Hubspot)

So it's time to jump on the blogging train if you're not already. :)

what are the benefits of Blogging?

Create a core piece of content for your marketing 

Once published you can -

  • Use the content to create multiple social media posts
  • Do Facebook lives on the topic
  • Add graphics, change to PDF and turn it into a free lead magnet
  • Collect a series of blogs on the same topic and create an EBook or published book
  • Use it to pitch your expertise for a podcast
  • Send it to a local newspaper or magazine

Build your brand and position yourself as an industry influencer

It helps you -

  • Create that know, like and trust factor
  • Show that you're trustworthy and transparent
  • Highlight your extensive experience and knowledge
  • Remain on top of mind for potential, past, and current clients

Improve your search engine Optimisation (seo)

You can -

  • Keep your website fresh with original content
  • Provide answers your ideal clients are looking for in Google
  • Write about a range of topics to attract more people

The Bootcamp Includes:

  • A 30 minute one-on-one blog strategy session with me via Zoom
  • Do-at-your-own-pace online blog training
  • Workbooks

What's included in the course?

Stage 1: The Planning

Module 1.

Creating a blog strategy
  • Lesson 1: What is blogging and how can it enhance my business?
  • Lesson 2: What's stopped me from blogging
  • Lesson 3: Developing the habit: My ideal blogging journey

3 lessons

Module 2.

My audience and me
  • Lesson 1: My audience: Paint Points and solutions
  • Lesson 2 Creating an audience avatar
  • Lesson 3 My brand voice

3 lessons

Module 3.

Finding topic ideas
  • Lesson 1: what's my audience searching for
  • Lesson 2 Looking at my FAQ's
  • Lesson 3: Jumping onto the trends
  • Lesson 4: Offering advice to build trust
  • Lesson 5: Sharing case studies
  • Lesson 6: The people behind the business
  • Lesson 7: What inspires me

7 lessons

Stage 2: The Writing

Module 4.

Structuring my blog 
  • Lesson 1: Looking at numbers: Ideal word count, reading time and adding dates
  • Lesson 2: Making it flow: How to make my blog easy to read and engaging
  • Lesson 3: Extra stuff: Adding statistics and references

3 lessons

Module 5.

Optimise for SEO
  • Lesson 1: Introducing long-tail keywords
  • Lesson 2: The techy backend stuff
  • Lesson 3: Reviewing the data 

3 lessons

Module 6.

Blog writing tips
  • Lesson 1: Using a blog plan
  • Lesson 2: Writing the crap out first
  • Lesson 3: Check everything

3 lessons

Stage 3: The Repurposing

Module 7.

Making the most out of my blog 
  • Lesson 1: Social media
  • Lesson 2:eNewsletters
  • Lesson 3: Lead Magnets and eBooks
  • Lesson 4: You Tube videos and podcasts

4 lessons

Module 8.

Refreshing and reusing old content
  • Lesson 1: Reviewing and updating my old blogs
  • Lesson 2: You don't need to start from scratch
  • Lesson 3: Building a long term social media strategy 

3 lessons

Module 9.

Reflections and Learnings
  • Lesson 1: My biggest takeaways
  • Lesson 2: Reviewing the data
  • Lesson 3: The power of accountability

3 lessons

Who is this Bootcamp for?

  • You want to attract (and retain) more clients
  • You want to 'appear everywhere' in the online space
  • You're willing to invest the time into your blogging strategy
  • You need accountability and constant inspiration
  • You want to become a credible authority in your industry
  • You strive to be discoverable in Google
  • You have valuable ideas and insights to share

  • You want to your business to remain small
  • You're unwilling to dedicate the time to create a consistent and quality content marketing strategy
  • You'd prefer to always put your client work ahead of your business' needs
  • You don't care if your website never shows up in Google
  • You enjoy looking at the white screen of death
  • You want your blogging competitors to overtake you

Still not sure?

Here's some feedback from those who've already joined Bootcamp or attended the (separate) 'Get it done' sessions

Can't wait to jump in as as often as I can

I jumped onto the Get it Done session this week! I struggle to get blogs done...Maybe I'm a perfectionist, maybe I just need ideas. Having others to do it with and accountability is awesome...Finished my blog I started in September and got it up on my website! Can't wait to jump on as often as I can.

Larissa Wright - wholistic Wellness hub

So glad I signed up

I have been attending as many of the Get it Done sessions in The Blogging Bootcamp as I humanly can.
I know that by writing a blog I can develop content and then reuse it for all sorts of purposes and until now I have never actually allocated the time.
I can nearly always complete a blog in the Get it Done session. Sometimes I need to add references or links to actually finish it but this is a small task compared to getting the writing done.
This has meant that I have revived my newsletter and have regular social media posts happening which was such a struggle before.


She calmed the overwhelm and gave me clear direction

As a novice blogger I found Leanne's "Business Blogging - Get it Done" session awesome. She calmed the overwhelm and gave me clear direction to Go ahead and just do it! I highly recommend this session and I am grateful for Leanne's expertise. Thank you so much Leanne.

Margaret King- Enjo

What's it worth?

Here's the price breakdown

$697.00 AUD

  • The Blogging Bootcamp (Value $997 AUD)30min one-on-one blog strategy chat with Leanne Shelton (Value $247 AUD)


  • Access to marketing interviews and bonus training

Total Value = Over $1,247 AUD

Three Instalments

To help with the budget

$267.00 AUD

Over 3 Months

  • The Blogging Bootcamp Course
  • 30min one-on-one blog strategy

Upfront payment

Save $104

$697.00 AUD


  • The Blogging Bootcamp Course
  • 30min one-on-one blog strategy

Who is Leanne Shelton


With a background in sales and marketing Leanne Shelton is the founder and Chief Copy Consultant at Write Time Marketing.

With now close to 20 years of writing and editorial experience, her team's care offerings include writing business blogs and website copy.

Discovering a passion for training in recent years, Leanne is the host / leader of the Marketing and Me Podcast and meet Up, Education Partner with Sydney Hills Business Chamber, and affiliate trainer with the City of Parramatta and women with Altitude.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 7-Days


If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing course and membership, you can get a full refund anytime within 7 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with me. I'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Frequently asked questions

What's the expected time commitment each month?

The  Do-At-Your-Own-Pace online blog course – can be smashed out in a weekend or take 6 months to complete it. It's all up to you. 

When can I use my 30 minute strategy session with Leanne?

The strategy session can be taken anytime, however I recommed you locking it in within 1 -2 weeks of getting started

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is perfect for business owners who need guidance (1) to start and finish their monthly blogs, (2) to structure and optimise their blogs for SEO, and (3) to learn more ways to engage with their target audience (both potential and existing).

It’s also suitable for marketing coordinators or administrative assistants in charge of blogging at your organisation.

What if I finish the course content in less than 12 months?

I have plans to consistently release new trainings — from both me and other industry experts — as the year goes by. The ultimate aim is to further help you improve your blogs and amplify results.

The Blogging Bootcamp’s primary aim is to give you the confidence and accountability to make blogging a consistent part of your marketing strategy.

You’ll learn the basics, industry secrets, expert tips and tricks…but all these amount to nothing if you are not consistent in applying them every month.

In our 30 minute strategy session I’ll coach you through any mindset blocks – basically anything that’s stopping you from having a consistent blog routine. I’ll help you come up with some blog topics to help you get started.

Why should I still blog if videos are taking over?

We often get asked if it’s still worth the time, energy, and money to write blogs when videos can get so much more engagement.

While that may be true, it doesn’t change the fact that a blog is a core piece of content that you can flesh out to become a video, a social media post, a podcast – literally anything.

Any well-written piece of content helps you establish credibility and show that you are a professional in your industry.

And besides, if you want to make a video with a smooth flow and an engaging story – you’ll need to write a script anyway – which can be posted as a blog too!

What's the cancellation policy?

We’ll give you a full refund if you are not happy within 7 days.

After the initial 7 day period, there will be no refunds. 

The Blogging Bootcamp  

Improve confidence, consistency, and cashflow with your content marketing strategy!